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Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g: How To Use EM Admin Console

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In this tutorial you will learn how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager admin console to administer oracle databases.
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Text Comments (11)
Jermaine Z (11 days ago)
What an waste of an hr
sadiq msi (3 months ago)
Can you provide me download link for Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
Sikandar Khan (2 years ago)
hi can i manage two instances at the same time or do i have to run two separate browser for em
DBA Pro (2 years ago)
unable assist; can lookup answer online.
I have installed the oracle 11g server but i am not able to access the oracle server on browser. Anyone can help me on this issue ?
Sir, I want real time senarious please put in youtube
Diego Valdes (3 years ago)
How to active explain plan from EM? Thanks
DBA Pro (3 years ago)
@Diego Valdes not sure. please do research on response.
Balaji Shanmugam (4 years ago)
I need Em console software ver 11g.please send me if you can
DBA Pro (4 years ago)
@Balaji Shanmugam please visit oracle site for download files.
Adriano Malaquias (4 years ago)
Great video

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