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The shittiest neighbors I've ever had to deal with ever....
Constant door slamming neighbors!!!
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Holy shit.... Thank God those neighbors are leaving this complex!
These neighbors are constantly screaming at their kids and their kids are constantly screaming back.... If you listen closely, you will hear the 13 year old boy screaming like a girl because he expects his mother to pack his crap for him! This is why we hate people!!!
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To my sister, Kimber!!!
Created using http://studio.stupeflix.com/ This video is to my sister, Kimber as her, my bubba, my niece, nephew-in-law and my great niece are moving away! Joys for a new beginning in your lives and may the best days come for you guys!!!
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December 21, 2017
Yup! He's chasing his own tail! I guess he was bored... Lol
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Bunky being Bunky! I "knead" my mom's face off!
Sorry about the sound of the carpet rubbing my phone...Lol...This is my fur baby Bunky, kneading my face!
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I was just sitting at my computer watching a movie when it started freaking out on me! It's happened before, but I never caught it on video... Till now!!! Tell me what you guys think of this!
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Silly cat 2...
I thought this was funny shit... It looks like he's spazzing out.... Lol
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Bunky biting dad... Lol
This cat is hilarious... He loves playing with his daddy and I've never seen him do that "biting the air" thing until now! Lol... Please like and subscribe to my channel and tell me what you think!
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Bunky being Bunky! No personal space for ma!(2)
Sorry about the noise... My fur baby never wants mommy to have personal time! This is way he does every single time I try to do my yoga pose to pop my back... Or as I love to call it "yogurt" pose... Lol
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Bunky being silly again
This fur baby of mine is the only thing keeping me sane... Ish... Lol
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To my Brett!!!...!!!
Created using http://studio.stupeflix.com/
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WTF was that?
I noticed Bunky staring into the ceiling and walls and when I started recording he went back to normal! Well... His normal anyway! Lol... I know we have lots of dust and I do dust once a month, if not, more often! That recliner was my father's chair that he had passed away in 2 years ago ! I'm wondering if he's still around after I sent him to the light about a month or so after he passed away! Or maybe my mother in law.... I don't know so I'm leaving this for you tubers to decide if at least help me figure it out! Thanks ya'll... Yall's the best!!! 😘🚽💩💪👀👂👣💋
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trip 054
I was visiting my real father for the 1st time in 38 yrs. and his dog, Milo, started throwing his treats around and then he'd eat it!
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Laser cat scan
He was playing with his string thingy and as soon as I started talking to him he just stares at me!!!
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Silly cat
This is our cat Bunky! He's usually quite the playful little booger, but he was apparently too tired to even mess with his toy tonight! He was just chillaxin! Lol
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