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Time 4 Learning Review|Online Learning Program
My daughter and I share our thoughts on Time 4 Learning. It's an online learning program that we have used for a short period of time as a homeschool supplement. This is just a quick snippet of what w
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Dressing Room|CATO FASHIONS|Plus Size
I take a look around my local Cato Fashion's Plus Size section to bring you a new Dressing Room video! They had really cute items to choose from. This is just a small sampling of what they had avail
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Our 1 year old's first birthday party! 5.18-19.14 ~5.19.14~
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Burp the Baby :)
Can you tell she's proud to be a big sister and wants to help out? I let her bottle feed baby sister. I'm breastfeeding and my milk supply has come in so I pumped a bottle! Sweet, Happy Milk! ;) Thanks for Watching!
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I Stepped On A Nail!
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Dressing Room| VANITY FAIR|Plus Size
Plus size clothing at the Vanity Fair: Shirt, Skirts, Dresses, and Swimsuits! The Swimsuits only went up to a size 16, from what I could tell. Inside the Fitting Room Sorry about the shakiness of t
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Spring/Summer Lookbook|Plus Size
Spring or Summer Outfits, from my closet to your screen. *Show More* A variety of brands and styles are combined to create a Spring Lookbook. Maybe it will be of some inspiration to you!
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VCUG's are Icky
VCUG's are icky! My oldest (Kyla) is getting a VCUG done to check on her Kidney Reflux. Later, we hit the walking trail... Taken from Childrenshospital.org: "A VCUG, or a voiding cystourethrogram, is
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Dressing Room|OLD NAVY|Plus Size
Some Plus Size and Women's pieces at Old Navy. TJ Maxx Dressing Room Up Next...
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Remington Curling Wand Demo
I'm curling my hair today; in my daughter's bright orange bathroom! Using my Remington Pearl Ceramic Professional Curling Wand... Such a Long Name!!
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OOTW Plus Size|Transition to Summer
OOTW| Plus Size Faded Glory & No Boundaries!!!! Walmart can be cool too. Give 'em a try. :)
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Yard Sale Haul|Toddler
A small yard sale haul of toddler girl clothes... Size 4t clothes for a 2 year old. Some of them she can wear now and they actually fit her, comfortably. Others she will grow into, and use this Fall/Winter. Thanks for watching!
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Homeschool Curricula|Year In Review|2015/2016
We've wrapped up our "school" for this year, so I want to share with you what we used!!! :D We typically start school in August and do our end of the year evaluations in May. This year we were in the
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Time Lapse Tree Decor
Christmas Tree Decorating Country Style! :) haha *Show More* The Whole family pitches in, even the toddler!! Watch us decorate our tree in Fast Motion/Sped UP! Thank U For Watching!!!
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GRWM|Spring Makeup|With Coastal Scents: Revealed 3
*Not a pro, I know* A 2015 Spring Makeup Look that I created, using Coastal Scents: Revealed 3 palette & Drugstore Products... Products Used: Eyes: -Supergoop! |Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream| SPF 37 -Wet n Wild |Fergie Eye Shadow Primer| Take on the Day -Coastal Scents | Revealed 3 Eye shadow Palette -Coastal Scents |Sample Palette| Set 23-Baby Pink -Loreal Miss Manga |Voluminous Mascara| Blackest Black Face: -TempleSpa |Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm -Rimmel Stay Matte |Liquid Mousse Foundation| True Ivory-103 -Cover Girl |Fresh Complexion Concealer| Don't Know the Color -NYX |Set It & Don't Fret It Mineral Finishing Powder| Light/Med -Coastal Scents |Forever Blush| Delicate -L.A. Colors |Pressed Powder| Tan -Physicians Formula |Bronze Booster| Medium to Dark -Jelly Pong Pong |Luminizer Gel| Glow Getter Lips: -Jordana |Easyliner for Lips| Silver Lilac -Cover Girl |Lipstick| Verve Violet-370 -NYC |Lip Plumper Gloss| Pleasantly Plump Pink (I believe) If you want to know the brushes I used feel free to ask. I will be glad to tell you. Thanks For Watching!! Subscribe, Like, Comment:)
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Sisters, Meeting For the First Time!
Makyla and Allison meeting for the first time! This is my favorite video in the world, at this time in my life! I am so happy to be a mom of two beautiful daughters. My daughters are 7, almost 8 years apart. I really wish I would've had a good camera then, but I'm still glad I have this captured. :)
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Turning 2!!
My daughter's 2nd Birthday and Party... We spent some time at the park. I think she enjoyed having that special time with us. We celebrated with balloons, a cake her sister decorated for her, a cook
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Geocaching with My Girls
We had a full tank of gas, no -home-School, so off to Geocache we go!!
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Lifestyle Change|Week in Review|July 20-26
Lifestyle change week in review....Aunt Flo Beats Me Up!! Follow me on Instagram @ girl_smitten. If the video lags I'm sorry about that (it only lasts 30 secs). Try not to laugh too hard! Ha ha. Go
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I interview my almost 3 year old. We start at my house, then move it to her place. I almost didn't get this exclusive! The Toddler didn't want to answer my questions at one point. I thought the interv
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The Cache Within|Geocaching Vlog
Our first Geocaching Video!! Mini-video part 1 of our Park Mini-series. **Show More** I've always wanted to start a YT channel and share our hobbies/passions. I wondered, "Does anyone have geocachin
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Homeschool Books| Readers |Sonlight
My 10 year old is showing you the books she's read this school term 2015/2016. Find her over on her channel.. Kyla Cat https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCIF3bwxxkKeQUhPjuuo0Sg
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Plus Size Outfits|The Little Jean Jacket That Could
Just a peek inside the closet of a girl on a budget, that's "trying" to live modest. If you have any questions about the clothing, just ask. Thanks!
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Sister Bonding Time :)
This was during those first groggy days at home, after baby was born. We're proud to be parents of two wonderful daughters! My sweet girls bonding. My sweet big girl and precious newborn baby!
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~My July 2015 Favorites~
These are a few of my Favorite Things!! :)
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Day In The Life|Homeschool for 2
Our day in the life, June 22, 2015. We are a family of 4. Me, my husband, and 2 daughters (ages 9 and 2). Sharing, as we go through our Summer Day. I'm a SAHM and we're a Homescooling family.
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A Sad Time|Geocaching Vlog
Since this cache only had two logged finds we decided to add our name to the log. Well.. Did Not Finds Can Still Be Fun... You may wonder, "Why even post a video if you didn't find the cache?"... Ev
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Lifestyle Change Update|July 15, 2015
Lifestyle Change Update! I thought the FS&ND videos are what kick started this change, but it wasn't. What really started this change was a biblical perspective on over-eating and the body. So, the r
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Maybe THIS Birchbox will be good
Thanks For Stopping By!!! I feel like you don't get a whole lot in these boxes, but I guess it's a deal because the product's prices are usually outrageous. 😍😻
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HUSBAND VS. WIFE | The Whisper Challenge
The Whisper Challenge|Husband & Wife + Baby ;) "Pretty Much" un-cut and LOL Excuse me while I nurse my child. Subscribe, Comment, & Like!!! :) Thanks for Watching!!!!
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No Moment Is Wasted
Although I thought part of our day was wasted, no moment is wasted in love and learning. :)
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Newborn Moments
Clips of my newborn getting acclimated to her new world. Please Subscribe and read my about section. Thanks for Watching! :)
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I'm Stumped|Geocaching Vlog
The 3rd Geocaching Video in this Hinson Park Mini-Series. **Show More** This is a recreational park in the country. We have 235 caches, so far. Not that many, but we are racking up. We decided to st
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Simple Everyday Makeup
A Simple and Natural Makeup Look using affordable drug store products. Also using, Coastal Scents affordable eye-shadow palettes: Revealed 2 & 3. Sometimes you can find them on sale! http://www.coasta
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Different Park & After Dark|Geocaching Vlog
Park your cache in the dark. **Show More** Videos #: 1, 2, & 3 were filmed at Hinson Park-A Recreational Park in the country. The final caches were found at a separate park. If you've been watching
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3 Postmen|Caching Vlog
On Cinco De Mayo we subtract 2 from 5 and find 3 Postmen!! ;) Come along as we Geocache in this GeoVenture(Geocaching Adventure). :) Happy Caching and Thanks For Watching!! Sub, Like, & Comment...B
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Madelyn's First Year
~Our 3rd daughter's First Year~
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Show Some Respect|Geocaching Vlog
On this Geocaching Adventure we are trying to find a newly placed cache. This cache was placed a few days before we set out to search for it... Find out where it was hidden and if we're ftf! Btw.
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2nd Attempt Multi-Cache | Comedy or Tragedy?
This is a second attempt multi-cache. We have looked for this one in the past with no smiley. :( But this time we are in luck! :) Thanks for Watching!! Happy Caching Peeps! :) :)
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What's in my Toddler's Bag | 17 Months Old
What's in my 17 month old's Diaper Bag? Disclaimer: I get a little silly in this video!!!! You've been warned! :) *Show More* Inspired by Michele1218 to use a large one-compartment bag with individ
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16 Month Old, Breastfeeding, & Diaper Review
My 16 month old and what she's up to right now. Sorry about the lighting and the two pieces of hair haha!! UPDATE! I was thinking about making an updated review of the diaper reviewed here, but I wil
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"Just Watch."
My little brother asking the big sister about the baby and how she feels about it. She didn't have much to say then, but she has said a lot since. She loves her baby sister already. She talks to my tu
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Rainy OOTD|Plus Size
My Outfit of the Day, on this rainy day. :) Comfy Cute Top Stretchy Capri Pants & Rain boots in case I go outdoors. Curled Hair and Some Makeup too. Thanks for Watching! :)
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Current Makeup Routine|Drugstore Products
This is an everyday makeup look. I do this look mostly if I have somewhere to go. It's a full coverage look using drugstore products. This is great if you're on a budget(like me) and it's good for beginners.
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Let's Open This Birchbox ;)
I'm sharing my July 2015 Birchbox! Thanks for Watching! :)
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Lifestyle Change |Week in Review| August 3-7
This is my Lifestyle Change Review of August 3rd through the 7th, 2015... This was a good week. We started back to homechool after our trip to the park on Monday. Everything was going great until my
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